THE KEEPING PLACE / Black Fella's Dreaming

THE KEEPING PLACE / Black Fella's Dreaming Information:

"THE KEEPING PLACE / Black Fella's Dreaming" is the culmination of Gordon Syron's enthusiasm and passion.

As one of the few Australian Aboriginal owned and operated museum THE KEEPING PLACE "Black Fella's Dreaming" exhibits both traditional and contemporary artworks of Aboriginal art as well as housing a unique range of historical literature and artefacts (artifacts).

"I had a dream to keep my best paintings, then somehow I couldn't stand to sell other Black Fellas' paintings cheaply in my gallery and I tried to keep the best of their work and it turned into Black Fella's Dreaming Museum. The name is Black Fella's Dreaming = one Black fella, me. It was my dream." - Gordon Frederick Syron

It has been Gordon's dream to foster self-respect within the Aboriginal community; to create jobs, promote Aboriginal art and increase the awareness and fill in the large gaps of Australian h


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THE KEEPING PLACE / Black Fella's Dreaming Public art gallery


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