Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Information:
Website: http://nga.gov.au/COLLECTIONS/ATSI/
Contact: Switchboard
Phone: 61 2 6240 6411
Opening Hours: The National Gallery is open daily 10am–5pm (closed Christmas day)
Address: Parkes Place Parkes 2600 ACT

The Indigenous art of Australia is the part of oldest continuing living culture in the world and one of the two major art traditions operating within Australia today. The National Gallery of Australia collects art of the highest artistic merit and excellence created by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to document and represent the ongoing and developing traditions of art which reflect the diversity of Indigenous experience over time and from every region of the continent. The collection aims to document the history of Indigenous art from the earliest collectable works to the most recent. Given the dynamic and innovative nature of Indigenous artistic practice, the Gallery aims to keep abreast of contemporary developments across all art forms including all media used by contemporary Indigenous artists.


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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Public art gallery


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