Wilkerson Collection

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Contact: John Wilkerson

Collection of John and Barbara Wilkerson.

Fifty works from the Wilkerson collection toured the country last year in the exhibition "Icons of the Desert: Early Aboriginal Paintings from Papunya," organized by the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University and subsequently mounted at UCLA's Fowler Museum and New York University's Grey Art Gallery. In Los Angeles, it was coupled with a show of Western Desert art drawn from the Kelton Foundation, which houses Los Angeles collector Richard Kelton's trove of more than 1,300 aboriginal paintings. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is hosting its first show of aboriginal art, "Contemporary Aboriginal Painting from Australia," consisting of 14 large works, most of them painted during the last decade, drawn from an anonymous U.S. private collection (through June 13).


Vendor name Category Location Art Region Art Medium
Wilkerson Collection Private collection
United States of America
Central Desert
Western Desert


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