Aboriginal Art Galerie Bahr

Aboriginal Art Galerie Bahr Information:
Website: http://www.aboriginal-art.de/art_eng/kunst.htm
Email: baehr@aboriginal-art.de
Phone: 06232-78924
Address: Eichendorffstr. 13 67346 Speyer

Aborigine Kunst und Gemade: Information, Seminar, Ausstellungen, Verkauf, Beratung

This gallery is now closed.

The gallery specialised in contemporary art works of museum quality by renown Australian Aboriginal artists and in the organisation of exhibitions throughout Germany.

We are also proud to have represented art of the Aboriginal Peoples at Art Frankfurt 2005, with an exhibition opened by the Australian ambassador to Germany.


Vendor name Category Location Art Region Art Medium
Aboriginal Art Galerie Bahr Online store
Western Desert
Acrylic on Canvas


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