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Australasian Arts Projects Information:
Contact: Gabrielle Cummins and Simone Lourey
Phone: 9771 8974
Address: 303 Tanglin Road Singapore 247952

Each with two decades of arts management experience, Gabrielle Cummins and Simone Lourey have joined forces to create a new arts event company in Singapore – Australasian Arts Projects. The Utopia Story is their first project. Combing their skills and interests, Gabrielle and Simone have established Australasian Arts Company to encourage the growth of the arts in Singapore, and beyond.

Having met whilst completing their fine art and literature degrees at the University of Melbourne, Gabrielle and Simone graduated to professional careers in marketing, public relations and events management in the arts industry. Their experience lies in publishing, performing and visual arts in Australia and with Simone, in Asia as well. Currently residing in Singapore, Gabrielle and Simone have an interest in contemporary art and, specifically related to this project, an awareness of the need to educate people about the social and political context of the Australian aboriginal art movement.

For Gabrielle and Simone, the genesis of The Utopia Story lies in the recognition that much of the growing industry of aboriginal art ignores this political context - that is, generations of misunderstandings, sometime abuse, neglect and still, in many areas, underprivileged existence. It must be recognised that the production of artwork coveted and consumed by the general public is one of the few ways in which Aboriginal people can express their culture to the wider world, and to make a livelihood for themselves. Simone and Gabrielle anticipate that The Utopia Story will provide this important context.

The Utopia Story will be held in Gabrielle’s historic black and white house at 303 Tanglin Road. The launch on Thursday 6 May is from 7.30-9.30pm. The exhibition closes at 4.00pm Wednesday 2 June.


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