Mbantua Gallery

Mbantua Gallery Information:
Phone: +61 8 8953 0849
Address: 71 Gregory Terrace Alice Springs 0870 NT

Membership / Affiliations: Indigenous Art Code AAAA (Formerly Art.Trade)

Mbantua Aboriginal Art Gallery showcases paintings from over 250 artists at the gallery in Alice Springs. These include the famous Emily Kngwarreye, Minnie Pwerle, Gloria Petyarre, Janelle Stockman and Barbara Weir. A large amount of their Aboriginal art is now online.


Vendor name Category Location Art Region Art Medium
Mbantua Gallery Commercial gallery
Online store
Alice Springs
Central Desert
Acrylic on Canvas


Abie Loy Kemarre Ada Bird Petyarre Agnes Jones Petyarr Aileen Mpetyane Ally Kemarre Alvira Bird Mpetyane Angela Purvis Ngale Angelina Ngale Pwerle Ann Cleary Nyankulya Bnaka Anna Price Petyarre Anna Tilmouth Pengarte Annie Purvis Mpetyane Anthony Bird Mpetyane Audrey Morton Kngwarrey Barbara Long Kngwarrey Barbara Skinner Mpetyane Barbara Weir Benny Morton Kngwarrey Betty Mpetyane Club Bronwyn Payne Ngale Carmen Jones Petyarre Carolyn Price Pwerle Cindy Morton Petyarre Clifford Tilmouth Pungarta Colin Bird Jungala Colleen Wallace Nungari Connie Petyarr Club Cowboy Loy Pwerle Daisy Ross And Johnny Rambler David Lime Kngwarrey Delvine Petyarre Dolly Petyarre Mills Doreen Payne Petyarr Dorothy Club Dorothy Kunoth Kemarre Eileen Bird Nungarai Elizabeth Mpetyane Elsie Dixon Penangke Emily Kame Kngwarreye Emily Pwerle Gabriella Wallace Glady Kemarre Gloria Tamerre Petyarre Glory Petyarre Mills Gordon Waye Gracie Price Greeny Purvis Petyarre Grenedy Bird Mpetyane Harold Payne Mpetyane Hazel Morton Kngwarrey Jacinta Campbell Janelle Stockman Napaltjarri Janice Clarke Kngwarrey Jean Mills Pwerl Jean Petyarre Jeannie Mills Pwerl Jedda Purvis Kngwarreye Jennifer Purvis Kngwarreye Jessie Bird Ngale Johannes Katakaringa Peltharre Joy Jones Kngwarrey Joy Purvis Petyarre Judy Purvis Kngwarreye Julie Lechleitner Julie Pengarte Julie Purvis Mpetyane June Bird Ngale Karen Bird Ngale Kathleen Ngale Kathleen Petyarre Kathleen Purvis Kemarre Katie Petyarre Katie Kemarre Kenny Tilmouth Penangke Kylie Kemarre Clarke Laura Payne Ngale Lena Pwerle Lilly Petyarre Jones Lily Lion Kngwarrey Lindsay Bird Mpetyane Lindy Panangka Rontji Lisa Mills Pwerl Lorna Purvis Penangke Lucky Morton Kngwarrey Lucy Kunoth Kngwarreye Maggie Bird Mpetyane Maggie Dixon Penangke Marcia Turner Pwerl Margaret Davis Kemarre Margaret Price Pananka Marie Ramjohn Marie Ryder Marlene Coombe Marlene Rogers Kngwarrey Mary Jones Mary Morton Kemarre Maureen Dixon Kemarre Maureen Purvis Kngwarreye Mavis Kunoth Mpetyane May Mpetyane Melinda Corbett Melissa Long Kngwarrey Michelle Lion Kngwarrey Minnie Pwerle Molly Pwerle Myrtle Petyarre Nancy Kunoth Petyarre Nancy Tilmouth Nora Moore Kemarre Nora Petyarre Club Noranda Loy Kemarre Paddy Bird Jungala Ngale Pansy Mcleod Petyarre Patsy Long Kemarre Pauline Morgan Petyarre Peggy Purvis Mpetyane Peter Palmer Mpetyane Peter Purvis Phillip Purula Polly Ngale Queenie Lion Kemarre Raelene K Williams Raymond Maxwell Rebecca Jones Petyarre Rita Pwerle Rochelle Ferguson Ronnie Bird Jungala Roseanne Wheeler Napangardi Rosemary Bird Mpetyane Rosie Bird Ngale Rosie Kunoth Kngwarreye Rosie Pwerle Ruby Morton Kngwarrey Sacha Long Sandra Teese Apwerl Sarah Morton Kngwarrey Shirley Dixon Susan Mpetyane Purvis Susan Philomac Kngwarrey Susan Ross Suson Joy Lion Kngwarrey Tanya Bird Mpetyare Teresa Purla Thelma Dixon Kemarre Therese Ryder Tommy Jones Valerie Kemarre Valerie Sharpe Napurrurla Violet Payne Ngale Violet Petyarre Wally Clark Pwerl Wendy Kunoth Mpetyane

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