Jennifer Guerrini-Maraldi

Jennifer Guerrini-Maraldi Information:
Contact: Jennifer Guerrini-Maraldi
Phone: +44 20 7223 3657
Address: Apartment 27, 1 Battersea Square London SW11 3RZ

Jennifer’s passion for modern art was realised as owner and director of the successful Australian Powell Street Gallery in Melbourne during the nineteen seventies.

A group of the best contemporary artists were represented and much of their work was sold to the State and National collections. Jennifer (then Heathcote) also served on a committee of specialists advising the Australian Government of the true values of contemporary works of art in relation to Australians seeking taxation benefit by gifting art to State and National Galleries.

Jennifer has been living in London for many years and with her Italian husband Filippo. She has built a diverse and eclectic art collection, including contemporary Australian Aboriginal paintings, which has become a passion and the focus of her website,

“Several years ago we purchased our first Aboriginal painting in Sydney by the Jirrawun artist, Freddie Timms. This large colourful, abstract painting, depicting an arial landscape of Timms’ vast and sacred tribal country, had a surprisingly profound effect on both of us. It was almost haunting” says Jennifer. “Somehow this painting has an old soul.”

The painting by Freddie Timms prompted a passion for this extraordinary contemporary school of Aboriginal painters now working in scattered communities across outback Australia.

As well as regular exhibitions, Jennifer offers the best contemporary indigenous Australian art by appointment in her London gallery.


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Jennifer Guerrini-Maraldi Commercial gallery
Western Desert
Acrylic on Canvas


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