Jarvis Dooney Galerie

Jarvis Dooney Galerie

Jarvis Dooney Galerie Information:
Website: http://www.jarvisdooney.com/
Contact: Michael Dooney
Email: info@jarvisdooney.com
Phone: +49 (0) 30 3743 2672
Opening Hours: Wed-Sat 12- 18pm or by appt
Address: Linienstr. 116 D-10115 Berlin 10115

Jarvis Dooney Galerie presents a thematically curated programme of contemporary photography and photo media, with a focus on artists from Australia and New Zealand. Representing both established and emerging artists, the gallery also hosts artists talks and presentations, providing a platform for cultural exchange between Germany and Oceania.


Vendor name Category Location Art Region Art Medium
Jarvis Dooney Galerie Commercial gallery



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