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Website: http://www.cooinda-gallery.com.au
Contact: Julia Johnston
Email: jjgalleryoz@gmail.com
Phone: 0412 399 242

Aboriginal Art - Dot Paintings and Bark Paintings from Cooinda Gallery, specialist Aboriginal Art Consultants since 1987.Cooinda means 'meeting place' - the town of Cooinda is part of Kakadu National Park, in Australia's Northern Territory. Cooinda Aboriginal Art Gallery has been offering quality original Aboriginal desert paintings for sale for the past 20 years. The works range from small canvases to major collectable paintings. Cooinda Gallery advises on suitable investment paintings for superannuation and the private collector. The works are sourced from communities and the major art centres. Cooinda Aboriginal Art Gallery is situated in Sawtell on the mid north coast of NSW Australia; a beautiful, relaxed coastal village which lends itself to browsing these fine artworks.


Vendor name Category Location Art Region Art Medium
Aboriginal Art - Cooinda Gallery Australia Commercial gallery
Coffs Harbour
Arnhem Land
Central Desert
Western Desert
Acrylic on Canvas


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