Shalom Gamarada Art Exhibition

Shalom Gamarada Art Exhibition Information:
Contact: Ilona Lee
Address: Eric Caspary Learning Centre at Shalom College at the University of New South Wales Sydney 2052 NSW

The Shalom Gamarada scholarship program is funded by the annual Shalom Gamarada Ngiyani Yana exhibition and sale of work by acclaimed Aboriginal artists. The name of the program comes from the term gamarada ngiyani yana in the Eora language and is translated literally as friends-walk-we or "We walk together as friends." The word Shalom is a Hebrew word, meaning peace and is part of the name of the Shalom College at UNSW.

The program uses the proceeds from the art sale to fund residential scholarships for Aboriginal students on the campus of the University of New South Wales. Many of the sales over the first two shows (in 2005 and 2006) were made to private purchasers, amongst them, doctors, lawyers and other professionals.


Vendor name Category Location Art Region Art Medium
Shalom Gamarada Art Exhibition Festivals & prizes
Central Desert
Eastern desert
Western Desert
Acrylic on Belgian Linen
Acrylic on Canvas



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