Laura Dance Festival

Laura Dance Festival Information:

Laura Dance Festival
Quinkan and Regional Cultural
Peninsula Development Road
Laura QLD 4871
Date: June
Phone: 07 4060 3457
Held biennially, the Laura Dance and
Cultural Festival is a gathering of
25 communities from the Cape York
region, Cairns, Torres Strait, Palm Island,
Townsville, Mornington Island, the Gulf
of Carpentaria and the Northern Territory.
It is held at a traditional dance ground
north of Cairns.
The festival, organised by the Ang-Gnarra
Aboriginal Corporation, aims to increase
knowledge about the region’s cultural
heritage. Almost 1000 performers are
featured in the festival, which showcases
traditional song, music and dance, displays
of arts and crafts, cultural workshops
conducted by elders and traditional sports
games and competitions.


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