Kate Challis RAKA Award

Kate Challis RAKA Award Information:

The Australian Centre
University of Melbourne
137 Barry Street
Carlton VIC 3053
Date: August
Phone: 03 8344 3849
Fax: 03 9347 7731
Web: www.australian.unimelb.edu.
The Kate Challis RAKA Award is one of
Australia’s most valuable and prestigious
national awards for Indigenous creative
artists and has been instrumental in
fostering writers, filmmakers and visual
artists for over a decade. The scope of
the award is unique in its recognition of
the importance of creative work across a
range of different media – creative prose,
drama, the visual arts, script-writing
and poetry. It awards an annual prize of
$10 000 to Indigenous artists in these
designated art forms on a five year cycle.


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