John Weeronga Bartoo

John Weeronga Bartoo

Apanie Wommee by John Weeronga Bartoo

John Weeronga Bartoo Information:
Contact: Kay O'Dea
Address: 50 Woods Road Warwick 4370 QLD

John was born in Brisbane and is a descendant of the Kooma Tribe from South Western Queensland. He is a self taught artist and only started painting in February 2003. He paints in the traditional manner of the desert people using a stick.

John Weeronga Bartoo lives at Elbow Valley near Warwick Queensland. He paints Original Aboriginal Dot Paintings

John has his own Home Gallery at 50 Woods Road, Elbow Valley, which is open to the public on Saturday, Sunday & Mondays from 10am - 4pm other times by appointment by phoning 07 4667 9227. It is advisable to phone before visiting as there are times that Johns has to be away and the people staying at the house are not responsible for showing the art works.


Vendor name Category Location Art Region Art Medium
John Weeronga Bartoo Artist
Acrylic on Canvas



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