Easy Search at Aboriginal Art Directory

1. Enter your search keywords to find Aboriginal art sellers or artists

e.g. "Mbantua Gallery", "Minnie Pwerle", "Acrylic on Canvas", "Utopia" etc.

2. Select your Aboriginal art region of choice

Art region is the region in which the Aboriginal art or artist originated from in Australia. Art regions may also correspond to Aboriginal art movements that emerged geographically across Australia. For example, Arnhem Land, The Kimberley or Central Desert.


3. Select your medium of choice

Medium is the form of Aboriginal art such as acrylic on canvas, basket or prints.

4. Select the category of Aboriginal art vendor

Shop refers to the type of Aboriginal art vendor, whether they be a commercial gallery, community art centre, online store or a mixture of many.

5. Select the location of your Aboriginal art vendor

Location is the place of business of the Aboriginal art vendor, from Alice Springs, Australia to international vendors in Los Angeles, United States. Hint: Here you can search for Aboriginal art vendors in the city or country closest to you.

6. Click the search button