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Art Centre Way resource shows the strong links between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island art centres and the growth and development of their business and their arts practices. This is emerging across Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities throughout Australia . The resource documents only a small amount of that ATSI knowledge, but we hope this will grow.

The resource retains connection with the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) – a guide for developing and assessing useful reading, writing, numeracy, learning, communicating and listening skills. We also map the activities of the art centre back to the National Training industry Standards (NTIS) through using the Training Package Visual Arts and Crafts Training Package, Certificate lll in Arts Administration.

The resource supports a number of the everyday activities in the art centre, but it still has many gaps. We hope the web page format will encourage those gaps to be filled, through recording art centre activity onto the templates, by video, photo and audio.

We hope the audio and video opportunity on the web site will encourage ATSI teachers, mentors, artists and trainers to make and record resource activities in their first languages or in English and make these available to others.

The resource provides activities and guides people in schools who are studying in the VETIS system. That way, when young people go home to their communities, they can bring these skills to their art centres or other community businesses.

This new version has some additional information stored in files on the CD or Webpage. These additions include OH&S guides for art studios, arts law information about contracts, rights and governance information from the ORAC site.

For trainers, we have included NTIS units of competency across several training packages that support the qualification Certificate lll Arts Administration. We have also included the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACFS) guide. Please be aware that these outlines may change at any time, and you should always check for the latest versions of training Packages and their alignment with the ACFS as this is introduced over the next months.

Special thanks to the artists and art centres who have modelled the resource. It really would not be possible to work in this way without their goodwill, hard work and high level of skill and knowledge.

We hope you enjoy the resource and find ways to use it which support your growth and development as an artist, an arts worker, a mentor, a trainer, a board member or a business manager.

Resource development team,

Alice Springs , November 2008.



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