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Fred Myers Information:
Contact: Fred Myers
Phone: 212.998.8555
Address: 25 Waverly Place New York New York

Online resource containing full text articles including:

"Some Properties of Culture and Persons (2005).
"Paradise Now? Contemporary Art from the Pacific" (2005)
"Social Agency and the Cultural Value(s) of the Art Object" (2004)
"Ontologies of the Image and Economies of Exchange" (2004)
"In Sacred Trust: Building the Papunya Tula Market" (2000)
"Ways of Placemaking" (2000)
"A Local Art History of Pintupi Painting" (1999)
"Uncertain Regard: An Exhibition of Aboriginal Art in France" (1998)
"Culture Making: Performing Aboriginality at the Asia Society Gallery" (1994)
"Place, Identity, and Exchange in a Totemic System: Nurturance and the Process of Social Reproduction in Pintupi Society" (1993)
"Representing Culture: The Production of Discourse(s) for Aboriginal Acrylic Paintings" (1991)
"Burning the Truck and Holding the Country: Pintupi Forms of Property and Identity" (1989)
"The Logic and Meaning of Anger Among Pintupi Aborigines" (1988)
"Locating Ethnographic Practice: Romance, Reality, and Politics in the Outback" (1988)
"Critical Trends in the Study of Hunter-Gatherers" (1988)
"From Ethnography to Metaphor: Recent Films from David and Judith MacDougall" (1988)
"Reflections on a Meeting: Structure, Language, and the Polity in a Small-Scale Society" (1986)
"Always Ask: Resource Use and Land Management Among Pintupi Aborigines of the Western Australian Desert (1982)
"Emotions and the Self: A Theory of Personhood and Political Order among Pintupi Aborigines" (1979).


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