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Art Almanac is the essential guide to Australia's galleries. It lists most art galleries, and includes their current exhibitions, Australia wide.

Art Almanac features alphabetical lists of current art events organised regionally and related display advertisements. A number of pages are devoted each month to editorial profiles, highlighting current exhibitions with an image and artists' statement.

Over the past 30 years Art Almanac has established a record of reliability and accuracy of information - in short it has become the essential guide to Australia's galleries. In 1975 George Paton Gallery, at the University of Melbourne, began circulating typed sheets of Melbourne gallery listings, and called the publication Art Almanac.

In 1983 a private publisher took on the collating and distribution, adopting the current format - A5 on gloss art paper. In 1985 the publication moved to Sydney when the current publisher took on these roles and began to list Sydney galleries. Since then Art Almanac has expanded to include galleries nationally.

Art Almanac provides an artists index, in which over 1,700 artists are cross-referenced with the exhibiting gallery.

Art Almanac provides gallery maps cross referenced to gallery listings.

Art Almanac provides editorial content in the form of exhibition profiles, in which a selection of images from current exhibitions are displayed in this very popular section. The editorial aims of Art Almanac's profiles are to provide images and information on current art practice in Australia, highlighting the diversity, thought process's, issues, styles and techniques being portrayed by practising artists.

Art Almanac is published 11 times per year, including the December/January double issue.

Art Almanac is distributed nationally by subscription, through art galleries, bookshops, newsagents, art supply shops, colleges and tertiary institutions.



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