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Aboriginal art is the most exciting creative force in Australian art and certainly one that has captured the attention of the international art world. The reason for its success lies undoubtedly in the rich cultural heritage it draws from. Its traditions have been handed down for some 40,000 years, making it possibly the longest surviving culture in the world.

Aboriginal history has no written language and consequently relies on story telling (illustrated through painting, song and dance) to pass on Dreamtime Stories from one generation to the next.

In the Aboriginal world, the Dreamtime stories not only relate to religion, but also retain geographical or topographical information about the artistís homeland. Not less important is the biological content from which children learn about bushplants (their flowering or harvest time) and bushfood in general.

Displayed on the website is a variety of work by different Kunwinjku artists and other internationally acclaimed and established Northern Territory artists such as Paddy Fordham Wainburranga , Bill Harney or Barney Ellaga. Also included is art work by a number of desert artists like Lorna Fencer, Paddy Caroll or Emma Nungarai.

Thereby you can find general information and selected documentation about the history and remnants of Australian Aboriginal art.



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