Art.Trade Code of Ethics

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The Art.Trade Code of Ethics binds all Art.Trade members.

Members of Art.Trade must:

  • Conduct its affairs in an exemplary manner and with regard to the Indigenous arts industry and the Indigenous artists it represents;
  • Foster the arts in Indigenous communities through community authorised bodies, recognising and respecting the cultural integrity while linking arts projects wherever possible to current community objectives;
  • Work toward offering high quality uniform documentation in association with community authorised bodies;
  • Treat all artists fairly and ensure equitable and timely returns to artists;
  • Exhibit honesty and integrity in its dealings with the public, artists, other dealers and other industry organisations;
  • Refuse to deal with anyone who violates Indigenous copyright or improperly appropriates Indigenous imagery;
  • Be responsible for the proper disclosure of information relating to the authorship and provenance of any work exhibited



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