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Welcome to Aboriginal Art Sale. We provide information on Aboriginal art to help people make an informed selection from pertinent artist. We have selected from multiple artist and galleries and focus on Northern Territory Aboriginal art. Which is the premier Aboriginal art in Australia.

While there are other popular artist and community’s The NT eclipses most comers with its breadth of artist skills.
Despite skyscrapers, theme parks, and other monuments of technological progress, Australia is still deeply rooted in its aboriginal culture and myths Aboriginal art Depicts the Past.

In fact, Australia owes much of its charm and mystique to the daring aborigines who first settled in the land more than 40,000 years ago and their records via pictures is what this site is about.

And thus Dreamtime began. As they explored the new land, the aborigines created a set of beliefs about the origin of things around them and their dreams.

For them, humans, plants, animals, everything on earth is part of a complex network of relationship, all pointing to a bigger existence.

An interesting aspect of Dreamtime is its “all-at-onceness”; to Dream is to simultaneously exist in the past, present, and future. Linear time disappears, and what replaces it is a freer version of existence.

If all these talk starts to become baffling, try thinking of Dreamtime as a guideline for living that the aborigines follow to maintain the web of life.

What’s amazing about all these is that Dreamtime is still here, kept alive and ticking by the aboriginal citizens. It is one of the oldest continuous myth in our planet.
It’s time to think of Australia as something deeper than just plain beaches and surf.

A comprehensive evolving list of aboriginal artist and information about them. Please visit this page reguarily whilst we build our list



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