The Life of Queenie McKenzie: Written in the Land

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Author: Jennifer Joi Field
Author: Melbourne Books
Language: English
Contact: David Tenenbaum
Country: Australia

This beautifully produced book tells the story of Queenie McKenzie, a remarkable indigenous woman from the East Kimberley in Western Australia. Now deceased, Queenie was an important cultural leader, revered Aboriginal Law person and internationally acclaimed artist.

Queenie was an exceptional teacher, elder and internationally recognised artist. Written In The Land explores her personal story and that of her ‘country’ through her own words and is illustrated throughout with stunning landscape photos and reproductions of her artistic works.

Queenie passed away at the end of 1998 leaving the memory of her leadership and her stories as told to Jennifer and others in this book.

This book will contribute to Gija culture through documenting Queenie’s stories and preserving her legacy. Part proceeds from the sale of the book will flow to developing culturally sustaining projects within the community.

Special limited edition of 500 copies; debossed hard cover, guild edging of pages, packaged in slip case.

Coffee table format, 208 pages, 235 x 210mm landscape, colour throughout.

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Author: Jennifer Joi Field

Publisher: Melbourne Books



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