Reef and Rainforest - An Aboriginal Voice Through Art and Story

Reef and Rainforest - An Aboriginal Voice Through Art and Story

From the book, Turtle Reef, "Turtles have an armoured shell from which their head and four flippered limbs protrude. They can pull these into their shell for protection. I am impressed that they can do this." (© author)

Resource Information:
Author: Munganbana Norman Miller
Author: RenBro Publishing
Author: Munganbana Norman Miller
Author: ISBN: 9781925198058
Language: English
Contact: 0407 382 391
Country: Australia

Inspired by life on the reefs and adjoining rainforest surrounding his home in North Queensland, local artist Munganbana Norman Miller presents over 200 of his artistic works.

As you turn the pages of this book, you will notice the greens and blues of the rainforest, reef and rivers, as well as the red and yellow ochre of the earth. Munganbana’s work embraces two World Heritage listed environments—the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area and the Great Barrier Reef, along with coastal mangroves.

Each of the works is accompanied by short personal and cultural stories where the artist shares his inspiration for creating the work.

Reef and Rainforest was published by small SA publisher RenBro Publishing and was awarded a Bronze Medal at the 2016 Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY).



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