David Dunn Aboriginal Art

David Dunn Aboriginal Art

Water Spirits by David Dunn

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David Dunn
Born: 1964
Country: Wiradjuri Nation

My Aboriginal name is Gaagang, which means elder brother. I come from a small town 50 miles west of Dubbo called Trangie (in Aboriginal this means quick, intercourse). I use some of the traditional symbols my father and uncles showed me but I try to use my own style. I started painting professionally in 1986, which means I have been painting for nineteen years. I remember drawing and colouring in with my mother and father when I was about five years old. I know the tradition was handed down to me then. My parents are still my inspiration to my works now. I paint from the heart and from the memories of my childhood. I get a lot of enjoyment out painting but the fun part is when I see other people’s expressions while they are viewing one of my works. I also paint from the heart not from a picture. I was told by an Elder from the Warburton community to paint what you feel not what you see.


David Dunn Aboriginal Art

Spirits of the Fires by David Dunn


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