Aboriginal Art Directory search queries for January and February

Aboriginal Art Directory search queries for January and February

Minnie Pwerle, Body Paint (2005) Courtesy Aboriginal Art Directory Gallery

Posted by Aboriginal Art Directory | 08.03.08

Each month we will publish the top search phrases on the Aboriginal Art Directory. This feature provides a fascinating insight into what information is being sought across the industry. Which artists are popular at the moment? Which artist is everybody talking about? Who has recently been in the news?

For potential buyers this information is one of many factors involved in purchasing a painting by an Aboriginal artist. Authenticity questions including:

  • Did the artist create the artwork?
  • Is there a legitimate certificate of authenticity that accompanies the artwork including when and where the artwork was created?
  • Is there additional accompanying documentation such as photos of the artists painting the work?
  • Is the price fair?
  • How does this artwork compare to other works by the artist?
  • Could this artwork be resold at an auction house?
  • How did the artwork reach this vendor?
  • Is the payment paid to the artist for this work fair?
  • Does the vendor belong to a reputable art gallery association?
  • Does the vendor operate under a code of conduct?

are much more import, as are questions of ethics.

However relevance and popularity still play a part in the investment decision. Throughout January and February Minnie Pwerle was the most commonly searched artist on the Aboriginal Art Directory. But she was not the only popular artist. The most common artist searches were:

% SearchesSearch query
1.10%Minnie Pwerle
0.53%Emily Kame Kngwarreye
0.40%Clifford Possum
0.40%Gloria Petyarre
0.35%Kathleen Petyarre
0.35%heather walker
0.26%Mingi May Barnes
0.26%Paddy Fordham
0.22%Rover Thomas
0.22%Janelle Marshall
0.22%Makinti Napanangka
0.22%Marita Sambono
0.22%Jacob Stengle

During the same period, the most popular artist slideshows were:

Kudditji Kngwarreye
Nyree Reynolds
Ronnie Tjampitjinpa
Mavis Napanjinpa
Emma Daniel Nungarayi
John Weeronga Bartoo
Dorothy Napangardi
Nellie Marks Nakamarra
Sarrita King

Our users were not only searching for artists. The top search phrases for different mediums were:

% SearchesSearch query
1.80%acrylic on canvas

Users were also searching for art regions and locations, the top phrases being:

% SearchesSearch query

Throughout January and February the top search phrase was naminapu, followed by acrylic on canvas and then minnie pwerle.

The top 25 search phrases and the number of searches are listed below:

% SearchesSearch query
1.80%acrylic on canvas
1.10%minnie pwerle
0.40%clifford possum
0.40%gloria petyarre
0.35%kathleen petyarre
0.35%heather walker
0.26%mingi May Barnes
0.26%paddy fordham
0.22%rover thomas
0.22%Janelle Marshall
0.22%makinti napanangka
0.22%marita sambono
0.22%jacob stengle

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