Our History

About the Aboriginal Art Directory

The Beginning
The Aboriginal Art Directory was established with the following vision:

  • To increase exposure for Aboriginal artists, Aboriginal art galleries and Aboriginal art centres
  • To promote Australian Aboriginal art nationally and internationally
  • To promote consumer education about ethics and authenticity considerations and educate buyers to make better informed decisions when purchasing Aboriginal art

To this end, three separate websites were established:

  • aboriginalartdirectory.com, which comprised of vendor and artist listings
  • aboriginalartnews.com.au, news and reviews
  • aboriginalartcoop.com.au, the Gallery

Revenue was originally reliant on subscriptions, galleries which paid a fee to upload their artworks to the Aboriginal Art Directory Gallery as a vehicle to sell those artworks. There were also sponsorships offered at that time.

Perceptions within the industry were that the Aboriginal Art Directory was seen to be favouring a particular gallery and that this was disadvantaging other galleries, as well as art centres. So in June 2012, guided by the original Vision, along with feedback from the industry, the Aboriginal Art Directory ceased offering sponsorships. And finally departing from the subscription model, it incorporated a shopping cart into its Gallery in May 2013 to begin selling artworks in its own right.

The three separate sites were brought together under the one umbrella to form the Aboriginal Art Directory:

The Aboriginal Art Directory
The Aboriginal Art Directory provides detailed, easy-to-use information about Australian Aboriginal art. It allows users and potential buyers to search for vendors or artists of the Aboriginal art community by:

  • the name of the gallery or artist
  • the art region in which the Aboriginal art or artist originated from in Australia
  • the medium of Aboriginal art such as acrylic on canvas, baskets or prints
  • the shopfront or type of Aboriginal art gallery, whether they be a commercial gallery, Aboriginal art centre, online store or a mixture of many
  • the location or place of business of the Aboriginal art gallery, from the Northern Territory, Australia to international vendors in Los Angeles, United States of America.

Listings are free and provided in good faith to try and help fellow Aboriginal art enthusiasts. They may contain inaccuracies so please only use as a basic guide. Please also contact any listed vendors directly to confirm that information is correct, up-to-date and always do your research before buying Aboriginal art. See our disclaimer for more information.

The Aboriginal Art Directory News
The Aboriginal Art Directory News provides news and reviews industry-wide, and is an excellent source of archive material for information on galleries, exhibitions, artists, the market, as well as prize-winners.

Writers for the News to date include Jeremy Eccles, Adrian Newstead, Jennifer Isaacs, Susan McCulloch, Prof Larissa Behrendt, Ralph Hobbs, Nicholas Forrest and Frannie Hopkirk.

The Aboriginal Art Directory Gallery
The Aboriginal Art Directory Gallery acquires artworks from its own established sources within the industry. We do not as a rule buy from individuals who write in with artworks for sale.

Artworks offered are from Aboriginal Art's Top 200 (including top ranked artists) through to emerging artists, with impeccable Provenance.

In 2013, the Aboriginal Art Directory also started offering Valuation and Appraisal Services for collectors and individuals. This service was established because of the many requests coming through, and as a natural extension of selling artworks. Our valuer is a member of the Government's cultural gifts program accredited valuers.

No material within the Aboriginal Art Directory is to be used to establish, maintain or provide, or assist in establishing, maintaining or providing your own publications, Internet site or other means of distribution.

We do not claim copyright on artwork images which remain with the artist or the artist's estate.

See our copyright policy in full.

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